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The Art of Distilling

The new Museum Destille Frantzen continously in the process of being developed, aims to explain the art of distilling and maturing fine brandies as well as the production of fine herbal and other liquors to a broad public in an easy and understandable way.

Gebr. Frantzen GmbH & Co KG , an company over 200 years old has been located since its inception in a small district of Remscheid. It has now opened up its complete old distillery equipment of 1947/48 for display. All essential steps of producing the locally famous 'Stakeser Füerken' ( i.e. Stachelhauser logfire ) is easily understandable. Today the majority of our products are being matured for a substantial number of years in old oak casks ( limousin barriques ). In addition to these fine spirits, a limited number of finely balanced rare types of liquors are produced meticulously from very old family recipes.

Since May 24th 1823 when the company was first registered until today all products have been available. We can deliver on request directly to all parts of the world.

Fine Spirits and Historical Details

As a first step of the new attraction to be developed over the next years the old fashioned styled sales office was opened to the public  on May,24th 2003 - exactly 180 years after the company's  establishment. Since June, 2nd 2003  the public has been able to purchase the locally produced specialities, have a look at the old copper distilling equipment, enjoy guided tours of the 1861 maturing cellars or just get acquainted with little known historical details of one of the oldest spots of the whole region ( documented as far back as 1369 ! ) . 

Where Tradition and Innovation meet

This museum of antique technology regards itself as an important network partner of the local and regional cultural scene.

An important additional aim of the new museum will be the close partnership with three existing well known museums ( The German X-ray Museum , the Cloth Museum Wülfing and the German Tool Museum within the Historic Center -HIZ ) . This should become established as a "museum-mile" to any interested citizen and visitor in the future. The museum management intends to be an active partner itself in existing or new networks to develop, for example, the cultural institution of the city of Remscheid , the citizens' initiatives of the adjacent Honsberg and Kremenholl, the club of young entrepreneurs of Remscheid, the 'Bergischer Ring' and much more.

All opportunities in the currently running federal development pro- jects of the 'REGIONALE 2006' will be used to contribute a substantial increase in the touristic appeal of the city and the surrounding Bergisches Land.

A Touch of Alchemistry

Since the official opening of the new 'ancient' sales bureau on May,24th 2003 the new museum has been online at www.museum-destille frantzen.de and thus giving the 'visitor' a view of the existing 'treasures' , a constant source of information about new events and developments of the museum's surroundings. In a mutual agreement active advertising of all Remscheid museums under the roof of http://www.remscheid.de/ has been established. The new institution should be a meeting point at which besides technical information the vividness of the historical ties of three neighboured core urban areas will become evident and filled with new life.

This is accomplished by capitalizing on the vividness of the historical ties of these three neighbouring areas. In the long term, a supporting restaurant and further interesting services are planned for the area. This will transform the present, rather grey image of the urban location into an area of discovery and charm to all visitors.

Gebr. Frantzen GmbH & Co KG was one of the companies invited in 2000 to participate in the project 'REGIONALE 2006' . We are proud to mention that we have been elected one of the awarded participants in 2002 !

Should you, dear reader, have become interested , please visit us on the internet under http://www.museum-destille-frantzen.de/  or http://www.gebr-frantzen.de   or just pop in (if you're around) to delve into past times and to take a look into the future.

We will be delighted to welcome you anytime !

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